Engine Manufacturers

Highest accuracies for all workpieces

Manufacturers of gas and diesel motors, whether 2 or 4 stroke, have to face special challenges regarding productivity and precision. Especially manufacturers of 2 stroke diesel motors for ships have to machine tall and complex workpieces like marine crankshafts and engine housings with the highest accuracies. Only the use of extremely powerful and wear free machine tools allows for such demanding tasks.

Complexity and precision in accordance

The horizontal lathes of the ProfiTurn H series, the mill-turning machines ProfiTurn M and the ProfiMill portal mills made by WaldrichSiegen guarantee efficient and reliable machining of highly complex workpieces that require the highest precision. As a result of decades of experience, WaldrichSiegen is the only producer of horizontal turning machines worldwide allowing for finish machining of main and pin bearings of crank shafts without electrical slip rings within the so called crank pin turning device.

Also the milling machines of the ProfiMill series have proved themselves during their daily operation at engine manufacturers; both table-top, as well as, gantry constructions guarantee the highest performances and precision when machining demanding workpieces.

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