Hot Rolling Mill

Highest manufacturing quality guaranteed

Faultless rolls are the key to a first class manufacturing quality in the field of hot strip. Most defects arise from deficient rolls. Profile deviations, exorbitant thickness tolerances or surface defects on the strip cannot totally be compensated in the subsequent steps and may cause a degraded result.

Whether in the conventional hot strip mill, the CSP facility or in the Steckel rolling mill – the grinding of work and backup rolls with or without in chocks is nowadays state-of-the-art technology for WaldrichSiegen grinding machines. Especially the turning of large workpieces in the machine requires tremendous center heights. Reproducible, excellent grinding results, therefore require the highest demands regarding the machine stability, control and measuring technology.

Best conditions for high quality hot strip

WaldrichSiegen grinding machines offer the best conditions for the production of high quality hot strip. Our extensive roll shop equipment creates obvious added value which allows for half automatic, as well as, for fully automatic roll machining. This is a way to increase the efficiency in your roll shop.

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