Paper Industry

Quality and diversity

Speeds of more than 2,000 m/min, constantly decreasing layer thicknesses and increasingly thinner paper qualities – the paper industry has to fulfill extremely high requirements. This calls for the highest quality and selection with regard to the related paper roll grinding machines: They have to be designed for the machining of tall roll widths and roll diameters, high weights, as well as, a wide range of roll types with different coatings.

Perfect solutions for rolls with a length up to 17,500 mm

Especially designed for the challenges of the paper industry the WaldrichSiegen ProfiGrind-P series offers the optimal grinding machine for the machining of rolls with a length up to 17,500 mm. The spectrum of possible special solutions reaches from the machining of bearings with its own lubrication to Ventanip milling and belt grinding until finally the superfinishing of special coatings. Apart from that the ProfiGrind-P series allows for a machining with diamond wheels, as well as, the use of a S-roll drive for swimming rolls. This fact makes it the perfect solution for the spectrum off rolls in the paper industry.

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