Efficient machining of challenging workpieces

Complex workpieces of both turning and milling operations, are usually machined on different machine tools which entails time-consuming clamping and shifting works for the operator. WaldrichSiegen offers an innovative machine concept which allows for efficient machining of such workpieces with only one machine.

Machining in one set-up

In order to be able to turn and mill heavy workpieces in one set-up at low cost, WaldrichSiegen further developed its high-performance turning lathes. Renowned customers all over the world machine challenging workpieces with the horizontal turning lathe ProfiTurn H with its integrated milling unit at highest precision. The responsibilities of this machine tool range from turn-milling of heavy shafts of up to 500 tons in the general engineering to the manufacture of heavy pinions with a maximum weight of 100 tons and gearing qualities according to DIN 8/9.

The mill-turning machine ProfiTurn M has been designed for all applications that require complex mill-turning operations. Whether turbine or generator rotors or heavy forged parts – the ProfiTurn M has been developed for the precise and efficient machining of demanding workpieces with a diameter of up to 4.2 m, a length of 25 m and weights between 20 and 250 t. The extremely rigid box-in-box construction of the milling tower guarantees highest stability, even when great cutting forces are involved.

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