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PR I: Successful boring series portfolio is now completed

The PR series has set the benchmark in the market in terms of performance and precision for years now. With the PR I, the portfolio of the Union boring mill series in floor plate design has been successfully expanded. With boring spindle diameters of 130 and 150 mm, the machines are the ideal solutions for customers that can forego performance data in the highest ranges, but require a dynamic and flexible boring mill to machine different workpieces. The PR I strictly focus on the most economical solution for the customer. However, many of its components have proven themselves in other Union boring mills.

Flexible and dynamic: adaptation to the production requirements

The PR I is designed to achieve the highest dynamism and flexibility. Its Y-axis can be expanded to up to 4.5 m, the X-axis even to 40 m. These dimensions allow for the machining of various parts – a significant advantage especially for contract manufacturers. With the adjustable boring spindle in combination with the adjustable ram, surfaces and deep-set bores can be machined with highest precision. A large number of additional components and equipment are available to further expand the application range – from different machining units up to rotary, tilting and traversing tables.

Minimum lead time thanks to high automation

Efficiency is one of the most important requirements for our customers, especially for contract manufacturers. To shorten manufacturing times for small to medium-sized workpieces, comprehensive automation technology is available. This includes an automatic tool changer, several workpiece and tool measuring devices and a pick-up station.

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