A giant leap for roll grinding technology

Unique technology package for finish grinding with CBN coating

Economical, reproducible finish grinding with CBN wheels – the HerkulesGroup and their cooperation partner, the Austrian grinding wheel manufacturer MACH ROTEC, achieved this milestone in grinding technology with a unique technology package. Until recently one could use CBN grinding only for rough grinding with very high costs. The innovative Herkules MACHtechnology now allows, for the first time ever, finish grinds of any type with economical use of CBN coatings. The recipe for success: vibration damping grinding wheels and vibration damping machine technology with ultrafast control and measuring technology.

Cast and forged HSS rolls could not be finished conventionally to the required quality until recently. One reason for this is that conventional wheel bodies, made out of aluminum, steel or plastics, do not possess any damping properties and are therefore not suited for the finish grinding of very hard HSS rolls. In contrast, MACH ROTEC's patented CFRP (carbon fiber reinforced polymer) wheel bodies offer stability and excellent damping characteristics directly at the contact point of wheel and roll.

The CBN wheels, due to their extreme hardness, forgive no mistakes. They always grind exactly what the control dictates. Achieved through the perfect infeed and damping of the WaldrichSiegen machines – coupled with the simultaneous measuring and interpretation of events by the HCC/KPM controls and measuring devices – can one avoid geometric errors during CBN grinding.

The very light MACH ROTEC grinding wheel bodies allow cutting speeds of more than 80 m/s. This minimizes wear of the CBN coating and makes their use cost effective.

The result of the grinding process with Herkules MACHtechnology is a homogeneous surface over the entire roll without any patterns, shadings or grit marks. The homogeneous surface structures reduce the outbreak of carbides during rolling and thus provide a cleaner sheet. Moreover, CBN grinding with the new technology has yet another advantage: Energy savings of about 25,000 Euro per machine each year (based on energy costs in Germany).

With the development of the new technology, Herkules shows once again that they do not just sell machines, but they develop the perfect solution for every application.

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