High-precision boring mill µPM 1500 modernized and relocated by WaldrichSiegen

For highly accurate finishing for multi-spindle machines

Since 2003, the Index-Werke GmbH & Co. KG Hahn & Tessky in Esslingen, Germany, a manufacturer of single- and multi-spindle turning machines and turning, grinding and milling centers, are working with the WaldrichSiegen horizontal high-precision boring mill µPM 1500 for highly accurate finishing of core components for multi-spindle machines.

Thanks to the preventative maintenance and careful handling, the machine is in an excellent condition even after 17 years of continuous use in production. It provides excellent results in the high precision area.Following a restructuring of the production, the machine was successfully relocated within the company’s location in Deizisau. At the same time, an extensive modernization of most machine components has been implemented by WaldrichSiegen, to ensure availability and precision for the next decades.

Besides classic wear parts also ball screw spindles, measuring systems, all hydraulic and hydrostatic hoses as well as pumps and cables were replaced and renewed. In addition, the machine was upgraded with a new tool management system with RFID-tool identification and a precision measuring probe.

In summer 2021, the modernized machine was handed back to production after successful processing of several test workpieces. The machine remains the center of the high-precision production of headstocks and continues to achieve reliable machining accuracies in the range of only a few µm.

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