Successful acceptance at SMTW

ProfiMill portal mill for the machining of machine beds

Producing machine beds precisely and efficiently – in order to achieve this goal Shanghai Machine Tool Works (SMTW) invested in a ProfiMill portal milling machine by WaldrichSiegen. Now the new center machine in the SMTW workshop successfully passed the acceptance tests at the customer's site.

The commissioning was completed with an acceptance test: re-milling the notches in the table. Two 12 m long machine beds had to be milled so precisely that they fit together perfectly once they were bolted together without having to be recut. The ProfiMill fulfilled this complex task to the complete satisfaction of the customer in the first attempt. Thus, the machine could immediately afterwards be used in the machine shop of SMTW.

With this project, WaldrichSiegen once again confirmed why SMTW opted for one of their portal milling machines. WaldrichSiegen impressed all by developing an ideal machining strategy for the SMTW work pieces and thus proved to be a reliable partner for their most complex machining requirements.

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