ProfiTurn V: new standards in vertical turning

Workpieces with weights of up to 500 t and diameters of 13,000 mm can be machined with the ProfiTurn V

With the development of a new vertical turning machine program, WaldrichSiegen sets new standards in the machine tool industry: The ProfiTurn V provides significantly more performance and precision than all other known machine concepts. It integrates different operations for the machining of complex, large work pieces with the highest precision and excels in obtaining high availability and energy efficiency.

WaldrichSiegen built vertical lathes until the beginning of the 1970s – now they have developed a completely new generation. The new ProfiTurn V series covers the entire range of machining large and highly precise work pieces with weights up to 500 t and diameters up to 13 m. By integrating different operations including turning, boring, milling and grinding the ProfiTurn V enables the user to machine the entire complex work piece on one machine.

All main axes and the faceplate of the table are fully hydrostatic. They guarantee high static and dynamic rigidity, a low rate of wear and a nearly unlimited service life in all traversing axes. The generously dimensioned structural components are made of high quality cast iron. They are produced in-house with the highest perfection.

When pre-machining, the ProfiTurn V makes full use of its power range and thus significantly reduces machining times. When finishing, the machine ensures the high quality and precision WaldrichSiegen is well known for all over the world. Due to their modular design, each ProfiTurn V can be flexibly adapted to the field of applications within a wide range of work pieces.

When designing the ProfiTurn V the WaldrichSiegen experts implemented their years of experience in designing portal milling machines and horizontal lathes. They transferred these well-proven solutions to the new machine concept.

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