China Steel Corporation Commissions WaldrichSiegen to Overhaul Two Roll Grinders

Retrofit Concepts Completely Winning Over WaldrichSiegen’s Customers

China Steel Corporation (CSC), based in Taiwan and one of the largest international producers of steel and aluminum products, decided to upgrade its existing WaldrichSiegen grinders.
The company does not want to do without the excellent quality, precision and performance of the machines located in the roll shop and has therefore placed an order with WaldrichSiegen for their upgrade.

In 1991, CSC invested in two roll grinders of the WS III and WS V series from WaldrichSiegen for its roll shop and has now decided to have both machines upgraded to the latest technological standards.
The WS III C 40 × 6000 is used as a universal machine and grinds both work rolls and back-up and intermediate rolls. The WS V C 10 x 5500 grinds work rolls for the cold rolling mill. "This upgrade order is a good example of how durable and reliable our machines are without sacrificing performance or precision, which is mainly due to the excellent robustness of our machines," reports Jannik Schneider, responsible sales representative for the project. "Instead of purchasing a new machine, it was particularly important to the customer to keep the existing roll shop machines, as they meet the high requirements the customer has for precision, performance and, above all, the solid and highly rigid basic construction."

Accordingly, the actual condition of the machines was determined and the components that needed to be upgraded were agreed upon together with the customer. State-of-the-art technology will ensure safe and smooth production processes in the future and furthermore, thanks to the newly installed components, will ensure a high availability of spare parts for a long time to come. A final safety inspection ensures that the machine also meets the highest safety requirements.

The mill already had one machine in the roll shop upgraded in 2013. The outstanding communication between our sales, assembly and service staff left our customer in no doubt that they would be upgrading the remaining machines to the state-of-the-art technology as well,” adds Jannik Schneider. “The cooperation with the customer went smoothly, both interpersonally and in terms of know-how.”

The upgrade order for both machines includes the electrical and mechanical components of the machine thus bringing them up to the current standards of modern technology.
But upgrading is not only an important matter for our customers. The company-owned machines are checked and monitored meticulously and extensively as well and are subject to constant development and improvement.

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