Sixth ProfiMill for the Weichai Group

WaldrichSiegen sales message

Portal milling machines with a common pallet system offer the user efficient machining which saves costs, clamping times and personnel effort. The companies of the Weichai Group use these advantages of the ProfiMill for their production.

Past, Present and Future: in November 2017, the Chinese Company Weichai Power Co., Ltd. ordered two interlinked portal milling machines of the ProfiMill type for their engine production. Since then, the portal milling machines with fully automatic pallet system are in use for the precise and fast machining of engine blocks. Weichai Power is one of the largest producers of small to middle-sized diesel engines and thanks to the pallet transport system it machines large quantities in record time.

Another member of the Weichai Group, the Weichai Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. placed a subsequent order for two additional portal milling machines. They were shipped in June and will be used for the continued production of diesel engines as well. The precision and speed of the interlinked portal milling machines continue to fascinate: Weichai Power ordered two more ProfiMill machines which are currently assembled in WaldrichSiegen.

The advantages of portal milling machines with pallet system speak for themselves. The specifically developed FMS control (Flexible Manufacturing System) coordinates the pallet transport car which traverses between the two machines. While the machine processes one workpiece, the others are set up simultaneously. WaldrichSiegen offers a seamless processing of products with maximum efficiency without downtime – innovative technology that guarantees highest efficiency.

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