State-of-the-art after 50 years of use

Tailor-made modernization

When WaldrichSiegen commissioned a portal milling machine at their production site in Burbach in 1962, the machine was the most modern machine of its kind in Europe. Here, the machine precisely processed components for 18 years. After relocating the production site from Siegen to Burbach (Germany), WaldrichSiegen sold the machine to contract manufacturer Jung Großmechanik GmbH & Co. KG in Bad Laasphe where the machine was used for another period of 30 years.

Then Jung decided to completely modernize the portal milling machine. WaldrichSiegen developed a convincing concept for the modernization: The complete mechanics were reconditioned and hydrostatic guide ways were installed. Besides rebuilding the complete hydraulic and electric system, WaldrichSiegen integrated new CNC controls and a complete complement of milling heads of the ProfiMill series.

The commissioning of the modernized machine took place in 2012. This is where the machine came full circle – the machine, that used to be state-of-the-art in 1962, is again one of the most modern and powerful machines of our time. After the tailor-made modernization Jung will be able to use the machine for efficient and precise contract manufacturing for many decades to come.

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