The Future of Modern Shipbuilding – WaldrichSiegen Wins Customers in the UK with Quality and Performance

More than 80 percent of global trade is handled by ship, and the trend is rising. At the same time, the demands placed on modern ships in terms of equipment, efficiency and size, which have to deliver top performance as well as withstand the toughest environments, are growing.

In order to guarantee the best possible quality in the single-part production of components with nickel, aluminum, bronze and other alloys for innovative shipbuilding solutions, our new British customer MacTaggart Scott, a specialist in military shipbuilding, in particular for the elevators, lifting platforms, catapults and deceleration devices of the Royal Navy‘s aircraft carriers, has decided to purchase a UNION TCU150 tabletype boring machine. The boring mill is equipped with automatic tool changer, vertical milling head and integrated cross slide with NC-U axis.

The T-series is ideal for machining medium-heavy workpieces in particular. The heavily ribbed cast iron column and the wide, welded bed create the best conditions for maximum precision. The internally ribbed cast iron column dampens vibrations and effectively prevents distortion of the machine parts.

The boring mill is equipped with a 43 kW boring spindle with a diameter of 150 mm, a maximum torque of 1,800 Nm and a table with a workpiece setup area of 1,800 × 2,000 mm and 10 t maximum load. Travels are 2,500 mm in the X-axis, 2,000 mm in the Y-axis and 1,500 mm in the Z-axis. Additional flexibility during the turning process is provided by the integrated cross slide with NC-controlled U-axis and a travel of 200 mm.

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