Two rolling mills, one roll grinder

Flexible machine concept: ProfiGrind 4500

SMS Siemag AG has ordered a WaldrichSiegen roll grinder of the type ProfiGrind 4500. It is intended for a new reversing cold rolling mill for the Indonesian PT. Gunung Raja Paksi (GRP) that is currently being constructed by SMS Siemag. One of the major strengths of the machine concept is flexibility: the universal roll grinder is not only put to use in the machining of rolls in the new cold rolling mill, it will also be machining the rolls of a plate mill.

The ProfiGrind 4500 stands for precision and reliability. All main components are cast iron, machined within the company group. The robust design results in high stiffness and excellent damping characteristics. Thanks to the hydrostatic guideways, the machine works wear-freely and with extremely high positioning accuracy. The ProfiGrind 4500 therefore guarantees highly accurate machining results in Gunung Raja Paksi's cold rolling mill.

The universal roll grinder machines rolls with a maximum weight of 50 t, a length of 7,500 mm and a diameter of 1,550 mm. With these dimensions, it easily fulfi lls the customer's requirements in the plate mill, too. On top of that, it is equipped with a turning device for heavy-duty machining.

In this project, WaldrichSiegen again cooperates with SMS Siemag, a leading manufacturer of rolling mills and member of the SMS group. The end customer PT. Gunung Raja Paksi is a leading steel producer in the promising South-East Asian market and already has a WaldrichSiegen roll grinder in its machine inventory. As Gunung Raja Paksi wished to purchase a machine at "made in Germany" quality level, its choice fell on the renowned technology leader WaldrichSiegen.

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