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ProfiTex at a glance

WaldrichSiegen is the global market leader in the production of high-performance electrical discharge texturing machines, unrivaled in terms of performance. ProfiTex machines are designed for maximum productivity and availability, as well as, comfortable handling. Tailor-made to customer-specific applications and individual capacity requirements, the ProfiTex machines meet even the most challenging demands.

Exceptionally long service life of rolls

The machines of the WaldrichSiegen ProfiTex series have been consistently designed for maximum customer benefit. They take into account the specific requirements presented by the production of sophisticated flat products for the automotive and packaging industry. In other words: To a very high degree, ProfiTex machines are designed to produce a homogeneous surface roughness of the roll – with optimal height, density and distribution of peaks within extremely tight tolerances.

The "superfinishing" process of textured surfaces extends the roll service life by up to 300%. This process is a result of experience and know-how gained over many years and was developed in cooperation between WaldrichSiegen and Court Holdings Ltd., Beamsville, Ontario/Canada. The Superfinishing process is patented in several countries (patent no. 7,189,145).

Machine concepts

+ ProfiTex 30/60

The machines of the ProfiTex 30 and the ProfiTex 60 series are designed for machining up to 1,100 rolls per month. The use of roll loaders and automatic control via a Roll Shop Management System allows for increasing their processing capacity to more than 1,200 rolls. The high-performance ProfiTex 30/60 machines can be easily adjusted to customer-specific capacities and qualities. Depending on the requested quality and processing capacity they are available in one-row or double-row design.

+ ProfiTex S

The machines of the ProfiTex S series feature a compact design and are highly flexible in terms of adjusting the machine capacity to the required production volume by upgrading the electrodes and generators. In their standard version, these machines are designed for a production output of up to 500 rolls. Their compact design with the generators being integrated into the machine housing allow for the machine to be foundation-free and thus cost-saving installation of the machines.

+ ProfiTex M 200

Wherever highest surface qualities are required at a production output of up to 300 rolls, the ProfiTex M 200 is the ideal texturing machine. Basically, this machine concept consists of a roll rotating device with one or two texturing heads. In combination with the most powerful generators on the market this guarantees the highest texturing qualities.


+ Measuring system

The measuring systems of the ProfiTex machines allow for automation of a variety of processes: vertical and horizontal alignment of the roll, continuous measurements and adjustments for maintaining constant circumferential speed of the roll barrel, automatic coupling of rolls and prepositioning of all components.

+ Electrodes

The copper electrodes used in ProfiTex machines can be arranged in one or two rows and have a service life of more than 100 machining cycles. ProfiTex machines are capable of texturizing any crown while exactly maintaining the original barrel shape. For special applications, electrodes of materials other than copper, e.g. graphite electrodes, are available.

+ Generators

With enhanced performance characteristics and various modes of operation, new high-performance generators with integrated water-cooling provide for an increase in machine productivity.

+ PTC 10 – EDT machine control

The EDT machine control system has been designed based on the successful WaldrichSiegen roll grinder control concept PGC 10. It is based on a Windows software platform and industrial standard PC components. Logically structured user interfaces display the complete texturing process and allow for intuitive control of the process.

+ Machine diagnostic system

A sophisticated machine diagnostic system supports the maintenance personnel in troubleshooting. Graphical displays on the operator's control station enable fast and efficient navigation. This results in fast malfunction diagnosis and minimization of machine downtimes. The system can be extended to include all EDT machines, roll grinders and loaders operated within the roll shop. Our teleservice via internet guarantees timely and cost-efficient remote diagnosis.

+ Filter units in modular design

Depending on the required production capacity, WaldrichSiegen offers different filter systems for automatic cleaning of the dielectric oil in the texturing tank:

  • Element filter system: for low and medium capacities
  • Reversible flow filter: a concept for high production capacities
  • Alluvial filter installation: for high capacities with fed filter media

All filter systems can be easily adjusted to production capacity fluctuations.


+ Roll shop integration

There is the option to either integrate the machines of the ProfiTex series into a fully automatic roll shop or to operate them as stand-alone, automatic machining center. Roll loaders and EDT machines together with existing roll grinders can be integrated to form a fully automatic work area. Automatic roll neck detection allows for automated coupling of rolls without the need for additional roll drivers. An inspection stand provides for additional functions and features, including roll cleaning and automatic surface roughness measurement. All processes are interlinked with the Roll Shop Management System.

Performance data

WaldrichSiegen ProfiTex machines fully meet the high requirements set by the production of demanding flat products. They produce a defined surface roughness of high uniformity with an optimal height, density and distribution of the peaks at tolerances within the micrometer range and they stand out due to their long service life. Their main characteristics are:

  • Roll weight: up to 10 t
  • Roll diameter: up to 800 mm
  • Processing of more than 1,200 rolls/month
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