Cold Rolling Mill

Products for highest demands

Reproducible roll barrel geometries and a faultless surface are essential for flawless products and a continuously high manufacturing quality in the cold rolling mill. The basis for high quality end products is provided by WaldrichSiegen roll grinding and electrical discharge texturing machines worldwide.

First class manufacturing process

WaldrichSiegen roll grinding machines belonging to the ProfiGrind series allow for a first class surface quality due to their high stiffness and their excellent damping qualities. The integrated measuring systems and controls contribute to this effect. They ensure results that are reproducible in the long term. The WaldrichSiegen service spectrum is completed by an extensive portfolio of accessories for reasons of automation and quality assurance, as well as, our ProfiTex series.

Electrical discharge texturing machines, from the ProfiTex series, have proved their qualities in the production of challenging flat products in numerous cold rolling mills. This makes WaldrichSiegen ProfiTex machines the first choice when it comes to deep drawing properties and high quality paintings – for example the automotive industry.

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