Roll Manufacturers

Precision combined with efficiency

For the machining of forged or cast rolls for flat or long products – WaldrichSiegen grinding and turning machines permanently guarantee outstanding results at the machining of the biggest rolls with a weight of more than 300 t and a diameter of more than 3,000 mm. Roll manufacturers worldwide acknowledge the extremely high cutting performance of WaldrichSiegen ProfiGrind and ProfiTurn H machines for grinding and turning.

Flexible Adjustment

Special concepts are offered for individual customer requirements in different industries along with different types of special equipment for the ProfiGrind grinding machines and the ProfiTurn H turning machines. Especially for grinding between centers, extremely stable headstock and tailstock types for the machines of the ProfiGrind series are designed which may be equipped with hydrostatic bearings.

The mill-turning machines ProfiTurn M are ideal for all those who require complex milling operations, as well.

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