Three ProfiTurn V will take up operation in 2018

Market success for the new vertical lathe

WaldrichSiegen has relaunched a tried-and-tested machine concept in an optimized version: the ProfiTurn V.

It is the third expansion of WaldrichSiegen’s product range in the past few years, along with the mill-turning machine ProfiTurn M and the smaller size range of the successful ProfiMill series. WaldrichSiegen’s innovative solutions are going from strength to strength. This is the positive result of the poor order situation in the entire heavy-duty machine tool industry in the past years: WaldrichSiegen has taken advantage of the situation by investing in its company structure and its range of products. A successful strategy – the first three ProfiTurn V are going to take up operation at German and international customers’ plants in 2018.

SKET GmbH in Magdeburg, Germany ordered two machines. The company is a leading service provider for the European energy industry. Its core competence is machining components for wind energy converters. Two machines of the new ProfiTurn V series proved the ideal solution for the precise machining of its large, highly demanding, rotationally symmetric workpieces.

The two ProfiTurn V 6350 will be used in the production of support pins and blade adapters for ENERCON wind energy converters. The workpieces have diameters of up to 6,350 mm and weights of up to 50 t. “The machines feature two turning and milling rams with a power of 63 kW and a torque of 2,150 Nm each,” says WaldrichSiegen’s President and COO Marco Tannert. “The cast-iron main components have been machined in-house according to the highest quality standards. The rotary tables and the turning and milling units are also custom-manufactured in-house.” The latter cover a broad range of turning and milling applications and can be changed automatically.

Universal application in the machining of large forged parts

The second customer, a USA-based manufacturer of forged parts, decided to invest in a ProfiTurn V not only because of its high accuracy, but in particular because of other advantages: its high performance and flexibility in a broad range of applications. The ProfiTurn V 6000-Y with a maximum turning diameter of 6,000 mm will be part of the production of a broad range of forged components. Since it has to cover different machining tasks, the machine can be used as a portal mill only, as a vertical lathe only, or as a combination of both.

The forged components are custom-manufactured for customers in different industries, such as the energy and shipbuilding industry. Machining workpieces of this size – with heights of up to 5,410 mm, weights up to 150 t and often consisting of difficult-to-machine materials – requires a high machining performance for sufficient material removal. The ProfiTurn V is therefore equipped with a turning and milling spindle unit that has a power of 91 kW and a torque of up to 7,000 Nm.

Heavy-duty and finish machining of forged parts also require a number of different manufacturing technologies. These are provided via the application of nine machining units at application, great power and the high accuracy WaldrichSiegen machines are known for, the ProfiTurn V proves a successful expansion of WaldrichSiegen’s portfolio of lathes.

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