ProfiTurn M

Complex Complete Machining in a Single Set-up

ProfiTurn M at a Glance

The mill-turning machine ProfiTurn M has been designed specifically for the complete machining of complex, rotationally symmetrical workpieces. Both turning and milling units, as well as boring and grinding units can be attached to the Masterhead interface located at the milling tower. The result is highest efficiency. All stages of the machining process are performed on a single machine and multiple set-ups, which are both elaborate and costly, are reduced.

Whether turbine or generator rotors or heavy forged parts – the ProfiTurn M has been developed for the precise and efficient machining of demanding workpieces with a diameter of up to 4.2 m, a length of 25 m and weights between 20 and 250 t. The machine is characterized by an overall concept that is both operator and maintenance-friendly and by its energy efficiency.

A Modular Concept for Custom Machines

The reliable stiffness and modular concept of the ProfiTurn M are two of its major advantages. Each machine is designed individually, based on the customer’s requirements.

Depending on the diameter of the workpieces to be machined, the ProfiTurn M is equipped with one or two beds. The box-in-box design of the milling tower, which is extremely rigid, guarantees the highest precision even when great cutting forces are involved. The completely encased machine operates precisely and wear-freely thanks to the hydrostatic guides both in the carriage and the bed. Depending on the customer’s requirements, either a high-performance boring and milling spindle or a ram is integrated in the traversing column. A tool and unit changer can be added for fully automatic operation of the machine.

Machine Technology

+ Box-in-box Design of the Milling Tower

Of all conceivable solutions for horizontal machining, box-in-box design is the most stable one with regards to cutting force and temperature influence. The milling tool holder or the milling spindle is mounted on the column, which is cast in one piece, and hydrostatically guided in the Y-axis. The stiff, temperature-symmetric and wear-free design guarantees highly precise machining results.

+ Headstock with Master/Slave Drive

The headstock, made of cast iron and strongly ribbed, ensures excellent concentricity and performance. The faceplate is made of cast iron, as well and can safely accommodate workpieces with weights of up to 250 t. Modern drive concepts, such as a Master/Slave drive, allow for the machining of workpieces with the highest precision and maximum power.

+ Tailstock for Mounting Workpieces between the Centers

The tailstock is also made of a closed, ribbed cast-iron housing. Generously dimensioned anti-friction bearings for the center shaft and the quill respectively ensure excellent concentricity.

+ Hydrostatic Guides

Both the carriage and the bed of the ProfiTurn M are hydrostatically guided. The advantage: an unlimited service life even at the highest performances. The “stick-slip effect” is avoided, which allows for very accurate positioning. Oil pockets effectively damp vibrations and thus support the extremely precise working of the machine.


WaldrichSiegen offers comprehensive equipment to customize the ProfiTurn M according to the customer’s individual requirements:

  • Roller steady rests
  • C-steady rests
  • Hydrostatic steady rests
  • Measuring of the tool and the workpiece
  • A diverse range of spindle units to integrate all necessary technologies (turning, milling, grinding and boring)
  • Tool changer
  • Coolant system, minimum quantity lubrication
  • Internal and external coolant supply
  • Many further options

Technical Data

  • Workpiece diameter: 1 - 4.2 m
  • Distance between the centers, max.: 25 m
  • Workpiece weight, max.: 250 t
  • Power at the headstock, max.: 310 kW
  • Milling power, max.: 80 kW
  • Torque, max.: 7,000 Nm

Larger diameters can be realized on request.

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