ProfiMill 1 is now called ProfiMill compact


For many decades, the name WaldrichSiegen has been connected to XXL portal milling machines that machine even the most demanding workpieces with great precision. Two years ago, WaldrichSiegen introduced the ProfiMill 1, the smallest size range of its renowned portal milling machine range ProfiMill. In contrast to the other machines in the series, it has been specially designed for the machining of smaller to medium-sized workpieces and starts with 2.7 m clearance between the columns.

“We have already had some sales success with the new machine,” says Marco Tannert, President and COO of WaldrichSiegen. “Nevertheless, it has become obvious that our reputation in the area of larger workpieces is so strong that the name ProfiMill 1 is not sufficient to differentiate the new machine type from other, larger machines.” The name has therefore been changed. The smaller portal milling machine is now called ProfiMill compact.

“The new name reflects the fact that all the sophisticated technology highlights of our larger machines, such as the completely hydrostatic guidance system or the Masterhead interface, are united in the new machine type in compact form,” Marco Tannert explains. The tried-and-tested WaldrichSiegen technology is thus available with an exceptionally economical price / performance ratio to customers who machine workpieces with smaller dimensions.

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