Shifting into a new machining era

For our Slovenian customer Palfinger proizvodnja d.o.o., a component manufacturer for buckling arm loading cranes, it was an easy decision for a new machine with bigger performance spectrum, less downtime, higher machining and long-term accuracies and a partner providing a reliable service and maintenance portfolio.

In 2022, the production process of Palfinger will therefore be additionally equipped with a horizontal boring mill KC 130 with a 1,800 x 2,500 mm working table and a loading capacity of 25 tons and movement traverses of 3,200 mm on the X-axis, 2,000 mm on the Y-axis and 2,100 mm on the Z-axis. The machine is also equipped with an advanced spindle with support bearing and a tool changer with 120 tool pockets. The core workpiece, that will be effectively machined on the machine, is the P350K crank swivel table.

The limited available space required optimized planning during the installation, which was no challenge for our experts. Additionally, all operators will be intensively trained by our experts in operation and programming of the machine specific processing software.

For Palfinger, the KC 130 is already the second Union machine during the last 3 years.

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