WaldrichSiegen moves back to Siegen

Relocation of WaldrichSiegen, specialist for heavy-duty machine tools in highly modern factory hall

At the beginning of 2021, the administration of WaldrichSiegen, specialist for heavy-duty machine tools and founded 180 years ago, moved back from Burbach to Kaan-Marienborn. The manufacturing follows progressively.

Across the street from the Herkules headquarter in Kaan-Marienborn, a highly modern manufacturing and administrative complex of impressive magnitude was built for the relocation of WaldrichSiegen.

Large dimensions for heavy-duty machine tools

The new factory hall provides enough space for modern production systems with an overall size of almost 250 m length, 32 m width and a height of 24 m. As the production is gradually brought into operation, the first ProfiMill portal milling machine was transferred from Burbach at the end of December 2020. Additional machines are relocated day by day.

The new factory hall offers the opportunity to mount all types of machines and fully automated production lines with a total size up to 16 m height and a total component weight up to 160 tons. Our customers in all industries benefit from optimized manufacturing and assembly procedures, increasing the high quality of the manufactured machines while shortening the construction times.

Optimized synergies within the corporate group

With additional office space of 3.500 m2, a new administration complex was built at the front of the factory hall. In January 2021, the technical and administrative employees of the HerkulesGroup jointly moved into the new modern office space to work hand-in-hand. Shorter communication channels, a management team working closely together, improved logistical operations and a centralization of the component manufacturing result in further growth within the entire corporate group.

However, not only the dimensions of this project set standards – Also the exceptionally high demands with regard to sustainability targets have already been integrated in the early planning stage. The sandwich-isopanel construction of the facade guarantees an ideal thermal insulation while the roof of the factory hall is already prepared for the installation of a 4.000 m2 photovoltaic system. Besides a modern air-to-water heat pump for the air-conditioning of the industrial plant, the factory hall is also equipped with a highly efficient concrete core activation of the floor panel, which ensures an economical and environmentally friendly heating and cooling.

Apprenticeship center

Due to the close proximity of WaldrichSiegen and Herkules in Kaan-Marienborn, the new and modern apprenticeship center offers various new advantages for our trainees. Currently, a total of 130 apprentices are prepared for their future responsibilities in 10 different training professions having the opportunity of a permanent employment contract and thus a secure future.

WaldrichSiegen´s relocation is scheduled by the end of 2021. Until then, both – Burbach and Kaan-Marienborn – will serve as manufacturing locations. The production of large boring mills as an expansion of the current product portfolio is another step entailing further and dynamic growth of the company. “Thanks to the excellent infrastructure at the new location in Kaan-Marienborn, WaldrichSiegen will continue to develop and produce high-performance and precise heavy-duty machine tools”, Marco Tannert, President and COO of WaldrichSiegen, explains.

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