Europe's Largest Organization for Nuclear Research Puts Its Faith in a Union Boring Mill from WaldrichSiegen

Physicists and engineers at CERN use purpose-built particle accelerators and detectors to study the basic building blocks of matter - so-called elementary particles. In order to make the machining of these highly accurate and extremely sensitive equipment parts as efficient as possible, the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) has purchased a PCR 150 horizontal boring and milling machine.

The P-series horizontal boring and milling machines stand for high-precision and reliable machining of medium-sized workpieces. The PR series machines are used for large and heavy workpieces when efficient 5-sided machining is required from stable heavy-duty cutting to precise finishing. The integration of floor plates, variable clamping tables and trunnion-type clamping devices as well as the automatic change of various auxiliary attachments or heavy tools via a pick-up station guarantees that the workpieces are efficiently machined.

The CERN machine is optimally tailored to the customer's requirements: In order to machine the extremely sensitive plant components as efficiently as possible, it can bore and mill as well as face turn. It is equipped with hydrostatic guides in all axes and impresses when machining the workpieces with a DV 45 rotary and traversing table with a workpiece setup area of 2,500 x 3,000 mm and a permissible loading weight of up to 45 t, as well as travels of 4,000 mm in the X axis, 2,500 mm in the Y axis and 1,500 mm in the Z axis. For reliable and precise machining of the required 3D geometries of the components, the boring mill is also equipped with a dual-axis NC fork milling head. This allows very complex shaped surfaces and components to be machined efficiently. Positioning of the milling head is infinitely variable.

Remote Maintenance Service for Fast Problem Solving

However, it was not only the technology of the machine that convinced our customer, but also the modern and comprehensive service we offer. A remote maintenance system integrated into the machine can help with troubleshooting, saving technicians and fitters the costly trip to the job site, which equally means less downtime and a faster return to production for our customer. WaldrichSiegen is an independent, medium-sized company within the internationally active HerkulesGroup, which has its headquarters in Siegen, Germany. Worldwide, the group's approximately 1,500 employees work with competence and passion on the development and production of innovative heavy-duty machine tools in the areas of milling, boring, turning, grinding and texturing.

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