ProfiMill series expanded to include smaller size

World market leader expands milling machine range

WaldrichSiegen presents an additional, smaller range of the successful ProfiMill series. The portfolio of portal milling machines has been setting the benchmark in the market in terms of precision and performance for many years. With a passage width of 2,500 mm / 3,000 mm / 3,500 mm, the new machine size has been developed specifically for five-side machining of small to medium-sized workpieces.

"Our ProfiMill machines are worldwide market leaders when it comes to machining large and heavy workpieces," says Marco Tannert, President of WaldrichSiegen. "Now we can provide its outstanding machining quality to customers with medium-sized to smaller workpieces, too." The passage height of the new machines measures 2,000 mm with a fixed crossrail, and 2,500 mm / 3,000 mm / 3,500 mm with a mobile crossrail. The milling machine is available both in table and in gantry design.

An outstanding characteristic of the entire ProfiMill series is the combination of great power and torques. This advantage is found in the new range, as well. WaldrichSiegen developed the main spindle drive in collaboration with its sister company RSGetriebe in Sonthofen, Germany, an expert in special drive solutions. The drive reaches a power of up to 63 kW (S1) at the tools center point (TCP), a torque of up to 2,750 Nm and a maximum speed of 6,000 min-1. "Despite the great power, the machining results WaldrichSiegen is known for are guaranteed by the high-quality design of the machine, consisting of iron-cast construction parts on the one hand and hydrostatic axes on the other," says Marco Tannert.

Equipment for individualized applications

The milling machines can be customized according to the customer's requirements: they are either equipped with a "fixed" milling head or with a Masterhead interface. The latter allows for different machining applications using vertical, horizontal or fork-type milling heads and motor spindles for even higher speeds. The machines attain the highest productivity with the numerous equipment options: a twin table, a tool changer (chain or rack magazine), a milling head changer or a complete housing with an extractor fan.

The new range for medium to small workpieces has already proven a success: Maschinenfabrik Herkules Meuselwitz, a world-leading manufacturer of roll machining machine tools, operates a ProfiMill with a fixed crossbar and a fixed milling head on its shop floor. A Korean customer, too, is impressed with the quality of the smaller machine range and has already ordered a machine.

Technical data of the new ProfiMill series

  • Power (max. S1): 63 kW at Tool Center Point
  • Torque (max.): 2,750 Nm
  • Speed (max.): 6,000 min-1sup>
  • Clearance widths: 2,500 mm / 3,000 mm / 3,500 mm
  • Clearance heights: 2,000 mm (fixed crossrail); 2,500 mm / 3,000 mm / 3,500 mm (mobile crossrail)
  • Equipment variants: twin table, tool changer (chain or rack magazine), milling head changer or complete housing with extractor fan
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