Much more than precision and performance

Precision and performance are the main features that characterize all WaldrichSiegen machines

Ideally adjusted to their application they set standards in the market. The WaldrichSiegen machines also offer various other advantages – advantages that make WaldrichSiegen stand out from its competitors in Germany and abroad.

One important criterion is the fact that the machines are energy efficient and easy to service and to maintain. Looking at the costs of the whole life cycle of small machine tools like machining centers, are a matter of interest for customers. They are important criteria for a decision. By consequently considering life cycle costing during the process of design and development the large machine tools from WaldrichSiegen set new standards. "All components in our machines relevant for maintenance are easy to access", says WaldrichSiegen President Dr. Stephan Witt. All pumps and motors including the main drive of the saddle and the turning tables are exchangeable without complex disassembles of attachment parts. This greatly reduces downtimes and costs in case of service works. "Thus, the higher costs of acquisition pay off in the form of significantly lower follow- up costs", adds Dr. Stephan Witt.

All main components of WaldrichSiegen machines are made from high-quality cast and machined with the highest precision within the group of companies. This guarantees the highest quality of all components.

A further unique characteristic of WaldrichSiegen machine tools are the drives and the gear box units of the saddles and the turning tables that are developed and produced by RSGetriebe, a company that is also part of the HerkulesGroup. "The high vertical range of production allows us to react flexibly to the customers' wishes and we can provide spare parts at all times," explains Dr. Stephan Witt.

Furthermore, operator convenience is an important topic at WaldrichSiegen. In addition to the features of the common machine controls, the functions and cycles are adapted to the needs of the user – a distinct advantage. By using systems for tool management and work piece measurement, the productivity of the machine is increased and an additional advantage is achieved.

Maintainability, operator convenience, high-quality machine components – all these characteristics also apply to the portal milling machines of the ProfiMill series. The series has recently been expanded and complimented by two smaller machine sizes. "We completed the ProfiMill series and now offer tailormade solutions for customers with smaller work pieces. Now, they can also machine their work pieces with the proven ProfiMill technology", says President Dr. Stephan Witt.

WaldrichSiegen presented a ProfiMill size with 70/80 kW performance and a clearance width of 2.5 to 5 m in 2013. Now the WaldrichSiegen product portfolio includes a new, smaller machine size with a clearance width of 2 to 4 m and a milling performance of 50/65 kW. It is the ideal machine for the efficient 5-side machining of medium sized work pieces. It can be used both for roughing and finishing.

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