Portal milling machines for highest quality and efficiency


Based on decades of experience and exemplary know-how, WaldrichSiegen has revolutionized its successful milling machine concept. The result is a portal milling machine line setting standards in the market with regard to precision and performance.

Outstanding performance

There was a particular focus on significantly increasing performance and torque compared to the concepts already available on the market, as well as on increasing the operational availability. By means of easy maintenance and service as well as energy efficiency, the economic viability of the machine could be considerably increased and life cycle costs were minimized.

The ProfiMill covers a complete application range with its modular design:

  • With a fixed or movable cross rail
  • In table design
  • In twin-table design
  • In gantry design
  • As a pallet design

Machine concept

In developing the ProfiMill concept WaldrichSiegen has worked consistently towards a maximum standardization of all major machine components. Hence, the ProfiMill is both technically and economically the optimal solution for economic machining of complex large workpieces. The milling machines are available in either table or gantry design. The gantry design requires less space than the table design. All ProfiMill major machine components are made of high-quality cast iron and machined in-house at WaldrichSiegen to maintain the highest precision and quality. Along with the rugged design, the fully hydrostatic versions of all machine axes guarantee nearly unlimited lifetime, zero backlash, maximum table load and dynamic stiffness. WaldrichSiegen hydrostatic worm drives allow for ultimate stiffness of the drives needed for the move of maximum mass, as for example, heavy workpieces at table machines or large portals at gantry machines. The machine concept ensures both pre- and finish-machining on one machine.

For highest quality and efficiency

Preloaded ball screws guarantee highly precise positioning of the adjustable cross rail while the electrically preloaded master-/slave drives for Y-movement of the milling unit allow for high dynamics, as well as, excellent positioning accuracy. Physically induced minimal deflections of the system are compensated by applying compensation curves to the portal and cross rail guideways. Last but not least, controlled vertical and horizontal heal clearances provide for optimum cutting performance and excellent surface qualities.

Machine technology

+ Masterhead Concept – up to 140 kW

WaldrichSiegen has further developed the Masterhead concept for machines with the highest power and torque. As a result, the spindle is reduced to a simple drive shaft. All milling attachments are adapted through the Masterhead interface. A universal milling head with exchangeable motor spindle allows for almost all required spindle speeds. Therefore, a large number of milling attachments can be equipped with life-time grease lubrication. Additional susceptible cooling circuits are no longer required. Another positive effect on machine availability and maintenance cost is achieved by the reduced number of media transfers at the interface. The Masterhead interface is provided with four self-locking, clamping elements with a high clamping power at relatively low hydraulic pressure.

+ Hydrostatic guideways and drives

WaldrichSiegen has further developed hydrostatic worm drives and guideways for ProfiMill heavy-duty cutting processes and extremely improved the dynamic stiffness of the hydrostatic worm racks. In order to achieve the highest stiffness combined with unsurpassed clamping characteristics, all machine axes are hydrostatically guided. Up to 4 individual hydrostatic guideways with pump per pocket system on machines in table design allow for workpiece weights of up to 500 tons and more. The portals of the gantry machines are also hydrostatically guided and in case of very large portals even hydrostatically driven. The Y-axis (saddle on cross rail) is driven by an electrically pre-loaded master-/slave drive on all machines in order to assure the highest positioning accuracy and feeding forces.

+ Controls

The ProfiMill is available with a Siemens 840D sl control or, optionally, with a Fanuc or Heidenhain control. The machines are equipped with the Siemens-Sinamics drive concept, fitting the Siemens control. Digital interfaces with "Drive-Cliq" function allow for easy configuration.


+ Attachment changer

The wide range of different workpieces requires a large number of optional attachments which depending on the application will be automatically exchanged via an attachment changer. The exact positioning of the changing carriage is carried out by a servo drive. The attachments are accessible for inspection and maintenance during machine operation.

+ Machining units

The wide range of different tool shapes requires a large number of optional machining units. These are designed and built in-house at WaldrichSiegen, including all the required gears. The advantage for our customers: high-quality machining units and guaranteed spare parts availability even after decades.

+ Tool changers

WaldrichSiegen offers the optimal tool changer for every number of required tools. Chain type changer with 40 – 140 pockets are ideal for a small number of tools. Rack type tool changers are designed for 80 - 500 pockets. In addition, individual pockets for special tools and individual changing systems can be provided. A separate tool loading station allows preparation of the magazine with new tools for the next workpiece to be machined parallel to the production process.

+ Tool management system

The WaldrichSiegen tool management system operates independently from the machine control and is characterized by:

  • optimized utilization of storage space including collision check
  • monitoring of storage capacity
  • tool life time control
  • additional data interfaces to external devices (e.g. CAM system, tool presetting, machine control via Ethernet)
  • optional data input devices: barcode scanner or identification chip, serial interface


Clearance between columns 3,000 – 14,000 mm
Clearance between table/floor plate and spindle nose 2,000 – 12,000 mm
Table widths 2,500 – 8,500 mm
Table lengths 5,000 (+ 500) mm
Clamping width gantry 2,500 – 13,000 mm
Clamping length gantry As requested

Milling units

  MR 450 MR 550 MR 600
Power 38 – 71 kW 80 – 103 kW 100 – 140 kW
Torque Up to 2,750 Nm Up to 7,500 Nm 8,000 – 11,000 Nm
Speed, infinitely variable 6,000 min-1 4,000 min-1 2,500 min-1
Rated speed 230 min-1 130 min-1 120 min-1


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